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How to buy Argan oil the right way
Nowadays, the possibility to buy Argan oil is available all around the globe and all over the net. Yet, to make sure you´re purchasing 100% pure organic Argan oil, it takes unfortunately more than just a close look on the product label.  To secure the best deal for your money in buying pure organic unadulterated Argan oil, it’s crucial you take many factors into consideration. To provide you with a better understanding, here’s the check-list about things you may want to pay attention to before you buy Argan oil:

1.Buy Argan oil according to its origin

2.Don’t let the “Argan oil” wording in some brand name fool lyou

3.How pure & organic Argan oil should smell

4.How genuine Argan oil should look

5.Buy the right Argan oil version: Culinary vs. cosmetic (aka. Cold pressed) Argan oil

6.There’s no “cheap” Argan oil. Period.
For some people, pure organic Argan oil tends to sound relatively expensive at first glance.

But one should differentiate between the self-justification of the price through the hard time-consuming labour (https://www.arganfarm.com/argan-oil/how-it-ismade/) the women had put in it as well as the rareness of the raw material (https://www.arganfarm.com/argan-tree/tree-history/) and the unnecessary factors that in many cases cause the frightening prices, like – in this case – the greedy middlemen, the hefty marketing campaigns and the over-kill packaging.

..yet, it doesn’t mean that over-priced Argan Oil is necessarily genuine!

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