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How to buy Argan oil the right way
Nowadays, the possibility to buy Argan oil is available all around the globe and all over the net. Yet, to make sure you´re purchasing 100% pure organic Argan oil, it takes unfortunately more than just a close look on the product label.  To secure the best deal for your money in buying pure organic unadulterated Argan oil, it’s crucial you take many factors into consideration. To provide you with a better understanding, here’s the check-list about things you may want to pay attention to before you buy Argan oil:

1.Buy Argan oil according to its origin
When choosing to buy Argan oil, it’s of utmost importance to always make sure it is – besides being pure and organic – Moroccan. This may sound pretty obvious, but and this is a big but, believe it or not, some guys are ridiculously pretending to have “invented” a new kind of Argan tree providing oil quality “similar” to the original one!

Moreover, if you want to take the whole thing an extra mile, simply buy fair-trade Argan oil. In order to ensure that, these are the best choices:
•Either you buy Argan oil directly from one of the Argan oil cooperatives. (https://www.arganfarm.com/argan-oil/cooperatives/) These do not only display their products on site but a number of them also export all over the globe

•Or, if you don’t have the option to buy Argan oil on site, you still have the possibility to buy it directly from somebody who sources it locally from cooperatives. This way you tremendously minimize the risk of being had!

By choosing to buy Argan oil products – pure organic – either way, you are not only securing a high quality product & enriching your health with the best care, but you´re supporting a worthy cause by taking an ethical environmental approach while sustaining the community members whose lives depend on this fair-trade wages, as the product is coming directly from the local traditional producers. Watch out, though! One can’t but wonder how many of the mechanical Argan oil producing companies shamelessly promote their products as being hand-made by local women when these hard-working women have never been involved, in any way whatsoever, in the production processes of these companies!

Fortunately, the contradiction in these companies’ various bold claims refute their previous assertion: on the one hand, they pretend the mechanical press extraction is far better than the traditional one; on the other hand, they tell you their oil is hand-pressed by the local women and thus indirectly con뛘rming the traditional oil superiority!

2.Don’t let the “Argan oil” wording in some brand name fool lyou
Due to the sea of health and beauty care products coming and going on the market, various health-care and beauty treatment products manufacturers compete and brag of utilizing pure Argan oil as a part of their ingredients to build a hype and attempt to make it to the best-seller “seat”.

One more reason to be skeptical.

Simply bear in mind that these products may contain – additionally to other unnatural chemical ingredients – Argan oil quantities, that vary from some drops to a significant amount.

Moreover, any additives or chemicals reduce the Argan oil’s e괋ectiveness and make it heavy and gooey (if only they leave the chemicals out): numerous kinds of silicone, synthetic fragrances to scent the cosmetics, some even used in insecticides (i.e. Benzyl Benzoate).

So if you have the option to buy Argan oil 100% pure, organic & genuine to take advantage of its amazing natural benefits, what sense does it make to purchase a product that contains substances like Benzyl Benzoate which are not only toxic but also irritant to your skin & hair & which contain only traces of Argan oil?

{A product name containing the word(s) “Argan”, “Argan
oil” in it or suggesting in any way it is Argan oil (e.g. the 
Moroccan oil, the oil of Morocco..) doesn’t necessarily 
mean you’re getting pure organic Argan oil.}

It has unfortunately become a kind of habit among many middle-men to water down the oil with other less expensive, poor-quality oils and substances along the way between the producers and the end-customers, yet promoting it as 100% pure, and shamelessly charging the same market price ogling juicy profits! There are even some brands who sell their customers the culinary Argan oil and charging for the cosmetic one.

It´s true that there are some people who had a bad experience buying half or one liter of what passes for Argan oil from some kids selling it along the roadsides between Essaouira and Agadir for example. Decidedly this is testimony of the cheating practiced on the oil. But I’m surprised almost no one’s named the actual scam practiced by wellestablished & worldwide renowned companies on a far larger scale than the mentioned roadside one!

Long story short: If you buy Argan oil, there should be no other ingredients on the label


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