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Argan oil hair treatment helps against frizz, soothes the scalp skin, corrects split ends and restores a remarkable shine to your hair. You’ll find it great for almost any
delicate hair issues. Moreover, the Argan oil hair treatment will make your hair softer, healthier and easily manageable. And these smart tips ways can be wrapped under 2 main kinds: You can apply pure Argan oil to your hair either before or after washing it.

Here’s how to easily & effectively use Argan oil hair treatment.

1.Argan oil hair treatment before washing.
Half to one hour before taking a bath or a shower, pour some pure Argan oil in your hand palm.  After that, simply and gently massage it to your scalp skin using your fingertips. Then using your hand palm to spread it throughout across your hair. Use a comb or a brush to evenly distribute the oil from roots to tips. To enhance the effect of your Argan oil hair treatment, you may want to wrap the oiled hair in a hot-warm towel (a piece of cloth will also do) for the rest of the time (≈30 minutes) before thoroughly shampooing and washing your hair.  If you suffer extra dry, damaged or frizzy hair , pure Argan oil hair treatment is an efficient cure. Simply apply it as mentioned above and leave it in your hair overnight.

2.Argan oil hair treatment after washing.
For the use after your hair wash, you can either towel / blow your hair dry before using pure Argan oil or apply the oil directly to damp hair before styling. Again, simply apply a small amount of pure Argan oil to your hair and thoroughly comb it through with your fingers (or with a brush) starting with the ends first to get rid of hair frizz. This will give a wet, fresh healthy look as well as an excellent brilliance and luster to your hair pretty much better than any conventional wet hair gel out there does. You can also add a few drops of the pure oil to your conditioner daily. If you happen to use more Argan oil than needed, you still can rinse your hair to diminish the oily effect a little.

Here are 8 of the best ways you can implement.

1.Before shampooing
≈ 10-15 minutes before your usual shampooing, apply a few drops using your hand palm & spread it across your hair to repair damage, smooth its fibre & fix its essential nutrients & texture.

2.Before hair coloring
Prepare your hair the night before by applying a few drops using your hand palm & spread it across your hair. This will deeply nourish & replenish it, make ready & it will help protect it from post-coloring dryness.

3.Before blow-drying
Before blow-drying, apply some drops of Argan oil using your hand palm first then use a brush or a comb to evenly distribute it throughout your hair from roots to tips. This will coat it with oil & protect it against heat damage.

4.For smoothing & Anti-Frizz
Apply a few drops of Argan oil on damp hair & wait for ≈ 10 minutes then start detangling it using a large-toothed comb starting from its ends. This will smooth it & get rid of frizz while deeply-nourishing & conditioning it.

5.For curl definition
Apply some drops of Argan oil on your hair using the hand palm, then place it in a (lightly-humid) towel & squeeze it gently without rubbing. Repeat, while always starting from tips to roots. Your curls will be more defined & strengthened.

6.For more glow & luminosity
Applying some drops daily (at any time you wish) as a part of your hair regimen will provide a softer, shinier, supple & a glowing look. Argan oil instantly seeps into the hair fiber & fixes its essential nutrients for a long-lasting protection.

7.Hair protection from sea & pool
Applying a few drops of Argan oil on your hair before swimming (in pool or sea) will tremendously help protect it from chlorine & the aggressive dryness of salt water. It’s advised to repeat the procedure before each swim!

8. Hair protection from sun damage
Apply a few drops of Argan oil on your hair before braiding it to naturally lock the moisture inside. This will provide a considerable protection against the sun or any other environmental damaging factors.

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