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USE 101:


To use Argan oil the right way, there are things of utmost importance to pay attention to
, in order to obtain maximum rejuvenating, healing and protecting impacts:

1.You want to use 100% raw & pure Argan oil as it is additive- and chemical-free and has no negative side effects.
2.The purer the oil, the faster and better the results.
3.Knowing how to exactly use Argan oil matters: In most cases few drops would suffice! Remember, less is more. Nonetheless, it is beneficial to apply it thoroughly into the targeted areas – skin and hair roots.
4.Depending on your skin type and your needs, you may use Argan oil up to 3 times a day to moisturize it (3 if your skin is dry, 1 if it is oily).
5.It is more effective to use Argan oil regularly to get the desired results quicker.
6.Argan oil is light, non-greasy and leaves no oily feel as it absorbs into the skin very easily.

Here are some key Argan oil uses:

Hair Care

How to use pure Argan oil as a complete hair treatment

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Scalp Treatment

Pure Argan oil as an efficient oily and dry scalp treatment

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Skin Care

How to use pure Argan oil for your skin

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After Shaving

How to use Argan oil after shaving, waxing and epilating

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Cure Cracked Heels

How to use Argan oil to cure cracked heels effectively

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Lip Care

How to use Argan oil to cure chapped, dry lips

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No wonder it was featured in worldwide renowned cosmetic & beauty magazine

Argan oil benefits play a major role in its worldwide fame