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100% Pure Argan Oil 30ml


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Which skin type is it good for?
✔ Oily
✔ Dry
✔ Sensitive

What it is:
A luxurious, 100 percent natural, ultra-lightweight, and antioxidant-rich oil that hydrates and conditions skin, nails, and hair for head-to-toe nourishment.

Solutions for:
– Dryness
– Fine lines and wrinkles
– Loss of firmness and elasticity
– Oiliness
– Blemishes
– Dullness and uneven texture

28 in stock

Product Description

If you want to know more…
A featherweight version of the world champion of oils, 100 Percent Pure Argan Oil moisturizes deeply and absorbs quickly, leaving a semi-matte finish. This legendary, Argan Oil is rich in tocopherols (vitamin E) and essential fatty acids to deeply hydrate and nourish skin also help improve skin texture and tone.

Grown organically in Morocco, this top-grade Argan Oil is extracted from the nut of the argan tree, then first-cold-pressed to protect its healthy, hydrating properties. The multitasking formula contains astonishing healing, conditioning, and antiaging properties to create a nourished, youthful-looking complexion. It easily absorbs into skin, delivering a fresh, dewy glow, and keeps you looking beautiful from head to toe. Wear it under makeup or instead of makeup, and fear not if your skin is oily. This must-have oil is especially ideal for those with breakout-prone and sensitive skin.

What else you need to know:
Argan oil restores the skin’s natural moisture and pH balance. It is produced from the argan tree in the semideserts of Morocco. Rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, this organically grown ingredient is known to prevent skin dehydration, inflammation, hyperpigmentation, and excess production of sebum.

Research results:
Argan Oil is clinically proven to significantly improve skin. In a 4-week consumer study:
– 83% of women showed significantly improved skin hydration
– Participants saw a visible reduction in coarse wrinkles and fine lines in the eye area - 86% agreed skin felt and looked more hydrated and supple
– 84% agreed skin felt and looked smoother
– 82% agreed skin felt and looked more radiant
– 84% agreed skin texture improved
– 81% agreed skin felt more balanced
– 80% agree skin felt calmer and soothed

Argania Spinosa Oil

63 reviews for 100% Pure Argan Oil 30ml

  1. lynneahcarey

    I purchased this product for my dry, flakey scalp. The heat is blasting, the temperature is very cold and their is no moisture in the air. As soon as it arrived, I sectioned my hair and dropped it into my scalp massaging as I went until my hold head was saturated. It absorbed so quicly but I let it sit for a few hours and after i washed my hair, my dry scalp was no more. My hair was smoothe and shiny even atfer blow drying. This is an expensive product but it worked and a liittle goes along way and as an added bonus my cuticles and nails look beautiful. This product is easy to wash out of my hair too!
    I tried every hair moisturizer out there and this one did it for me. I even mixed a drop into my moisturizer and my face liked it too! I will never be without this product

  2. gypsymarie

    where to begin… I love this stuff. I use it for everything; face, hair, nails. It never fails to impress. It’s moisturizing and absorbs quickly. I am acne prone, so you’d think I would steer away from any type of oil, but this is not pore-clogging and your skin can breathe with ease. In fact, it’s definitely been responsible for clearing most of my breakouts.

  3. alalso

    With my extremely dry and clogged skin, I had very high hopes for this product because of the reviews. Unfortunately it didn’t do much of anything for me in regard to dryness, and might have even clogged more pores. Really disappointed.

  4. JeanKD

    it’s worth the investment. I received a sample and have been buying it ever since. a little goes a long way.

  5. BeautyBear7

    Very pleased so far with the product. Only started using approx. for two weeks . I have used the oil on my face. mixed it with my body lotion,and used it through my hair.
    Also,hands ,cuticles,etc.

  6. Ris1127

    I was skeptical to try yet another beauty product touted to help me clear my skin and help the overall appearance of my skin. I am happy to say that this has helped with both! My face was breaking out for no good reason and nothing was helping. Until this product came along. I love it!

  7. amprizzle

    I thought I’d try this oil instead of my usual Dr Hauschka day oil & I like this better. It helps with break outs & my skin is softer.

  8. barzard

    I use this daily after my shower all over my face and into my scalp. I have very dry sensitive skin. This protects my skin from break outs because it keeps my face balanced with the right amount of moisture through the day. I just love it and can not say enough great things about it. You won’t catch me without this.

  9. HayleyHales

    I actually have a different product but it is also just pure Argan oil, and I’ve only been using it for 3 days now but it is amazing! Already it is reducing my adult acne and the redness and scarring from old blemishes look diminished. I’ve used it in my hair (which is coarse and dry) and it is smooth and luxurious. I’m considering buying this product because the eye dropper looks more convenient than large bottle opening I have. It gives my skin a very healthy glow and is great to use in my hair as well which needs moisture without causing (but actually curing!) my acne.

  10. NicoleBrianne

    I have products with argan oil for the hair and love them. but,so far not really impressed with this facial oil. I suppose If you layer it under your nighttime moisturizer it might become a more intense night treatment.

  11. cypsplace

    Great addition to you skin care regimen. Not greasy at all and no fragrance left behind. Highly recommended.

  12. mytaquino

    great! especially for the winter months

  13. JaymiLeigh

    one ingredient, so simple, so effective. love that it is 100% organic. at first i was afraid it wasn’t going to absorb, but it did. my oily spots are matte and my dry spots are dewy. goes well in my hair too. i have thick wavy hair and it helps tame the frizz and makes my hair nice and soft and shiny. i use to use several products, now all i need is argan oil! i jump from product to product, but this is a keeper!

  14. JennYoung25

    I had such high hopes for this product after reading review after review of how it was pure magic for acne, spots, redness etc. I am very saddenend to report that this oil did not work for me, on the contrary i broke out more after each use.

  15. Cinderellas

    I purchased this prod after reading the reviews and it does all that everyone says. It absorbs instantly, softens skins, clears redness, balances skin. But what no one has mentioned is, it is absolutely unbelievable as a booster to your under eye moisturizer. All my fine lines are gone and my eyes look years younger. If I were never to use it anywhere else, I will continue to buy this for my eyes alone.

  16. swcg

    I love this oil, am already on my second bottle. I put on my face, rub into my cuticles and even put on the ends of my hair before bed. I find it particularly helpful when I am in a dry climate. Its surprisingly not too greasy and has a very neutral scent. I wish she would make a bigger size bottle meant for the body, I would bathe in it 🙂

  17. kdeeb


  18. LC82

    I used as directed. My skin broke out. Doesn’t absorb quickly. Feels lightweight enough. Not impressed.

  19. RWilson

    Wonderful oil, I apply morning and night under regular moisturizer, this sinks right in plus it make my hands so soft when using to apply to my face.

  20. dianatram

    ok so i am 28 years old with combo skin. i have tried so many moisterizers, i actually have a cabinet full and they all either make me break out or just irritate my skin. when i saw the reviews for this i decided to try it, and i must say i was not disapointed. it absorbs right into your skin and doesn’t leave it oily but it DOES leave it soft and glowing. i love love love this stuff!!!!!!!!

  21. Meli12

    I have just been using this for a week and I’m pleasantly surprised. Gives my skin a glow and I can wear tinted moisterizer over it and doesn’t feel like too much. Make sure you put on a little at a time and try not to get it in your hairline.

  22. TshuraAli

    I picked up this oil when I decided I was done using traditional moisturizers (i.e. lotions) on my dry, sensitive, and acne-prone skin. This oil helped to clear my skin so much, and I continue to use it 1-2 times a day. I place a few drops on my fingertips and gently massage this into my skin with an upward/outward motion. After years of trying every product on the market to clear my skin, this was the first product to actually make a difference and not dry out my already dry skin. After dramatically clearing my skin, this product also worked to clear up any acne scarring I had. I also rub any excess oil on my cuticles and nails afterward, and it has done wonders there as well. This oil is also amazing when applied to damp or dry hair. I use it as more of a finishing oil, or apply it when my hair is messy to give it the perfect structure and shine. While I do think there are other oils (NEVER ESSENTIAL OILS) that can be added to this for maximum benefit, this is a great start!

  23. Tina1972

    I has very sensitive, somewhat acne prone, oily skin. I’ve tried tons of high end and drugstore moisturizers and all of them either made me break out in pimples or had my skin red and irritated. When I finally came upon this oil, I thought that it would never work but I tried it and boy did it change everything. This oil did not make me break out nor did it irritate my very sensitive skin. I put it on at night after I’ve washed my face. I put a few drops on my finger tips and rub the oil into my face. I’ve been using this oil for about 1 years now and I can honestly say that it’s my HG! I tried switching to more expensive gel or cream moisturizers because they were touted as being “magical” but those made my break out and/or caused my skin to become more oily. This oil seems to keep my face hydrated and keeps it from becoming oily. I feel like my pores are never clogged but his oil. I use this one at night before sleeping and the Pure Argan Oil Light in the morning under my BB cream. This combo has kept my skin clear for years now and I don’t plan on changing it.

  24. vibeauty1

    I was pretty scared to use an oil on my face because I break out pretty easily but this was amazing. I will be buying this continuously.

  25. LADiM

    I have a sample and I’ve been using this oil for a few days. I think it’s heavy, even though I apply it over dumped skin to use less product. Face doesn’t look oily and shiny, but when I touch my skin it’s very slippery. I use only at night or when my skin needs more moisture.
    There’s a strong vit E smell (I own pure vit E which also is very thick and heavy).
    I don’t see any reason to buy this, maybe is just not for my skin, more for dry or I would say super dry. I like more modern and light products.

  26. misskimmm

    I forgot mention in my review about horrible breakout after using this product ( I don’t see any other product in my regime that could cause that cysteic monsters on my face). I just accidently broke little bottle in my sink, and I’m happy.

  27. tinger


  28. alexandrapierce

    This is a really nice lightweight moisturizer. I didn’t see any improvements on my acne scars and I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks now, but my skin is definately softer.

  29. dancerjen

    While this oil won’t work miracles, I do think it must be my favorite (and most worthwhile) cosmetic purchase in quite some time. It seems counter intuitive at first, to apply oil to combination-oily skin. Over time, however, it appears to have balanced my skin’s oil production, and calmed the redness and sensitivity in my cheeks. I’ve actually grown to prefer argan oil to a “regular” moisturizer at night, because it feels so lightweight. I can’t claim to have had strangers compliment me on my skin, but I look forward to applying this oil at night because of the little changes I notice myself. It is a little luxury that makes me feel quite pampered. All in all, I am incredibly pleased with Nature Lab’s argan oil, and will continue to purchase for as long as it is available.

  30. April邢


  31. cmckin90

    I love that oil. It makes your face look very healthy and young:)

  32. Alita6

    I was surprised to see how easily the oil absorbed into my dry skin without being greasy.The moisture also lasts.When I finish this product I will repurchase.I think it’s worth every cent.

  33. MYBentley

    I was very leery of trying out this new product especially since I have oily skin and prone to blackheads and breakouts.I tried it as directed and I couldn’t believe the difference in one night! My pores were noticeably smaller, and it helped with redness. Also, to my delight, I have no blackheads anymore! I am even using it on the back of my hands followed by a moisturizer,and people are noticing how much younger my hands look. I have only been using this product a week and can’t believe the difference in my skin!!!

  34. Shelly124

    Lightweight and super moisturizing – feels absolutely lovely on your skin. I’m moving away from lotions and trying to use more natural products. This is my favorite for especially delicate skin.

  35. b21214

    It is a great treatment for hair. I use is after shampoo and distribute it through hair. I also use it daily as a styling tool. A put a smaill amount in the palm of my hand and rub hands together. I make sure to rub some into my cuticles to moisturize them. I then rub my hands through my hair and style.

  36. leannes

    I love this argon oil! I have it in the lip color, body butter and lip treatment and balm as well. Its made such a difference in my skin, especially my feet and elbows. Ill never be without it now

  37. Texaslndy

    One of the best products ever! I have been using for about 6 months and my skin is less oily, my rosacea is less noticeable. Highly recommended!

  38. ShoebyDoo

    Gives my skin a nice glow and very moisturizing but it’s making me break out. I will be using the rest for my hair.

  39. Samcb13

    I had never written a review about beauty products until I tried the N.LAB argan oil. This is the one product that got me started because I wish more people would try it out. I fell in love with the argan oil and have been using N.LAB products religiously. It is definitely a product line that works! I can clearly say that the N.LAB argan oil has managed to beat out all night creams that I have tried. It has helped my blemishes and blemish scars heal faster. The sun discoloration is starting to deteriorate. My skin is supple and still glowing in the morning after 6 months of use. How many of us stopped seeing results from a “top of the line” night cream after a couple months of use?! My skin has only improved!!! On top of that, you can use it everywhere that needs some TLC. My skin gets really itchy from the northeastern winters and this has been a saving grace! I love this so much I’m starting to give this away as gifts.

  40. ceray

    Love argan oil… Where has it been my whole life. I use it every morning in my beauty routine and I feel it gives me a glow. I sometimes to even put my serum on because I put this on instead in evenings as well

  41. arla1

    I absolutely love this oil. I first tried to use this oil as a replacement to the REN Omega 3 complex, but I now use both products together and have noticed a huge difference in my skin. What I love about this oil, is that it is fast absorbing into my skin and does not feel heavy. I use this as a light moisturizer under my daytime serums as well. The only downfall to using this during the day is that the sheen of the oil transfers through all of my other products. Other than that it is perfect. I have noticed a difference in the overall brightness of my skin, my skin tone is more evened out and my old acne scars have started to fade. I use this after my toner and also massage some of the oil in upward strokes on my neck and have noticed a significant difference with the firmess of my neck area. I purchased the travel size of this product and will be in to purchase the full size bottle.

  42. siama

    I have combination skin that gets extremely dry in the winter months. My face was cracking even though I was using my regular moisturizer. I am so glad I had a little sample of this laying around, it saved my skin. My skin gets oily with most products and I break out very easily. This product did not make my face oily and I did not break out at all. In fact, my skin seems to look better in the morning after using it. I will never go a winter without it again.

  43. Jamie30

    This is my new moisturizer – it is from heaven as far as I’m concerned. A little bit in the morning and you’re good all day – perfect under foundation. Added bonus – great for cuticles AND can also use on ends of hair. Love it!

  44. ericapiercee

    This is like a miracle in a bottle. I knew it was great for my hair but recently used it on a chemical burn from a hair remover and it was not only soothing, but the burn healed very quickly and scar free.

  45. GlamTori

    I may sound like a commercial, but this stuff has made my acne go away! After purchasing, I have tried other moisturizers, and other things in place, and nothing has beat this oil for my face! It is contradictory to what you may think, but I have terrible acne & this makes my acne go away! It’s fabulously hydrating & just awesome stuff.

  46. silverlights58

    Great nighttime moisturizer and good daytime as well. Works wonders on cuticles-only two drops does the whole hand. Love this product-find the eye dropper dispenser a bit awkward but no deal breaker.

  47. mommysmadeup

    Brief background before I gush about this product. I have oily, sensitive skin and have suffered from moderate to severe acne for more than 10 years. A few years ago I converted to all natural skincare products, and five months ago used N.LAB’s argan oil for the first time. I’m on my second bottle and have convinced my mom and two friends to use it, and they all love it. It’s fast absorbing, makes my skin silky soft, and I have noticed a slight improvement with hyper pigmentation issues. This product has played a huge role in clearing my skin. If you have oily skin, don’t be apprehensive to give this a try. I hope it works as well for you.

  48. swanfish1981

    I loved the feel and smell of the oil, but it made me break out. I was sad to stop using it, but once I did, my skin went back to normal.

  49. ctinaxo

    I’m 32 years old and I’ve had acne since I was 12, so for 20 years. Needless to say, I’ve tried EVERYTHING, to no avail. For the past few years I’ve had horrible hormonal acne along with aging combo skin. After reading the reviews on here I decided to give this a shot. After a little more than a week my skin is almost completely clear!!!! I can’t believe it. This stuff is amazing. It’s not oily and my skin feels so nice. Try this and you’ll love i

  50. Tammy40

    I have acne prone and sensitive skin. I was skeptical because it’s an oil. This works wonders! It’s also clearing up my millia underneath my eyes! This is by far a great moisturizer and heals all problem skin! Works great with Ole Henriksen’s Invigorating night treatment! Has cleared 75% of my acne.

  51. jaha8005

    This has done wonders for my hormonal acne prone skin! Will not go without!!!

  52. CertifieMoxie

    In my opinion, the key to using this product is to not douse oneself in this product, otherwise it may cause unwanted breakouts, and oiliness. A single drop is plenty for the face and cuticles. I apply this after my nightly shower, by massaging it into my face. In the morning, I wake up with soft and bright skin. Also, I use this product when I want to prep my face for the next day when I want to wear makeup.

  53. ajg86

    This stuff is great! I use it on my face at nt, in my hair, and it even worked wonders on my ear! My new earrings were making my ear very irritated – put a lil if this on at nt & anracadabra it was gone! My only issue is its a little pricey. But, it works!

  54. emmadiane

    I got this as a gift, it is so amazing!! It’s super hydrating, and doesn’t cause any breakouts. It’s just perfect for me, since I have dry, eczema and acne prone skin. It worked wonders the first time I used it.

  55. kem922

    I love this stuff. I have oily combo skin and still love it. I use at night and it has helped healed old acne spots. My skin just likes it. Also will add a drop to foundations that are dryer.

  56. lindzieloo

    I mix it with neutrogena in the morning. No break outs. Very smooth . A little goes a long way.

  57. all4tina

    This product worked well for me to combat flakiness from anti-aging products. It is lightweight and versatile enough to use on nails, hair and skin

  58. Disneymomma52

    Like some others have said, this is too heavy for my hair and skin. My hair is normal, neither greasy nor dry; and my skin is combination-oily T-zone, normal everywhere else. I do like it as a nail treatment, but once my sample size is gone, I’ll just stick to Vitamin E capsules

  59. apile19

    There is no other product I have ever found that was so versatile, so dependable, so luxurious and effective, I have told everyone I know about it. I have oily, sensitive and acne-prone skin, and have stayed away from oils for years, like most people do when they have those issues. It really becomes impossible to manage when you have very picky skin. This oil makes my skin baby smooth, it repairs cuticles and smooths frizzy hair, and I have even seen an increase in growth in my eyelashes. It’s never made me break out, and I only use 3 to 4 drops after washing my face, it soaks in within minutes and leaves a wonderfully smooth and supple surface for makeup application. USE VERY LITTLE! I can’t stress that enough. It goes quite a long way. I truly believe it has changed my skin for the better, I hardly ever break out or have dry patches. I use a drug store face wash and this liquid gold miracle, and managed to save tons of money by forgoing the big brands. This is one product I will always splurge on, it’s even helped me heal tattoos and burns.

  60. jenleela

    I’ve tried multiple face oils and I would say this is decent but not great like some of the others. This is pretty oily and didn’t make my face as glowing and hydrated as the others.

  61. nikkireneetet

    I love this product! So much so that I fell to my knees sobbing after I knocked over my brand new bottle, spilling its entire unused contents. Generally when I’m not greasing my bathroom floor with it I use it at night as a moisturizer immediately after showering. I use a small amount of Murad’s acne control serum (I think that’s what it’s called) afterwards on my T-zone and chin and my skin has never looked or felt better!

  62. SociaID

    I didn’t really get why this was better than any other moisturizer until I had terribly dry skin this winter. I put this on before bed and wake up without cracking and peeling. It’s pretty much saved my skin. It’s also a better value than it appears because you only need a couple drops.

  63. mstavarz

    Wonderful product! I use this on my hair and skin. Moisturizes my hair and keeps the frizz away. I mix this with my day/night face moisturizer. Doesn’t make much of a difference for my skin. Makes a huge difference for my hair though.

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